Ode to Complementation

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By Angelica Degnan, Genetics ’15 Oh complementation testing whatever do you do? How does thee help me explain the mutants true? Begin with two recessive strains Cross, observe, unearth the ones that are the same What does this mean? How do you explain the ones that function redundantly through? Complementation, complementation alas I see the light That alleles that are mutants a like, when united, cannot avoid their destined plight But mutants in two different genes stand a fighting chance They work independently, and can lend a helping hand If one should fail, be lost forevermore another can step in a lead expression forth Complementation testing, you are a godsend for sure I can now see the wonders that you […]

Arabidopsis – Model Organism

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By John Tran,  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology ’14 Have you ever wanted to learn more about the plant model organism? Plants have many unique properties that make them especially important to all aspects of life. They provide oxygen, food, and energy, so you could imagine that there are many cellular and molecular processes that are involved in plants. For these reasons, we want to better understand plants using a model organism called Arabidopsis. Here, we talk about the properties of Arabidopsis and present an example of a genetic experiment, which could be used to improve the quality of apple trees. Photo credit:  “Arabidopsis thaliana – Acker-Schmalwand”  by Nuuuuuuuuuuul is licensed by CC BY 2.0