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Mission Statement:

The Aggie Transcript is a forum for students to discuss and exchange their perspectives on science and its role in society. We provide a publishing venue for students to display their expertise and to share what they have learned in their classes. Our journal represents an inclusive and accessible form of expression for students to submit pieces of original writing, news, and art related to the life sciences.

In Winter 2013, I recruited 8 students interested in establishing a new online journal that would provide a venue for any student in the life sciences to publish their best writing, art, poetry and video. The editors gain experience in web design, soliciting and editing submissions, recruiting and training new student editors, and working as a team to develop their vision for the future of the journal. My long-term vision is that the Aggie Transcript model will be adopted by students from other disciplines on campus and serve as an umbrella for a suite of discipline-specific Aggie Transcript journals (e.g. Aggie Transcript-Engineering). Working with The Aggie Transcript editors has been one of my most rewarding experiences at UC Davis.Sean Burgess, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

About the Editors

    Tannavee Kumar

    Editor in Chief

    Tannavee is a 4th year genetics and genomics major with a minor in computer science. As the editor-in-chief of The Aggie Transcript, she hopes to grow the discussion surrounding various disciplines that can be applied to the life sciences. She is an undergraduate researcher in the Brady Lab, analyzing data of methylation in tomato through computational biology. Outside the journal and lab, Tannavee likes hiking, traveling, drawing, and reading.

        Aditi Goyal

        Hard Copy Editor

        Aditi is a 2nd-year Genetics and Genomics major, with a double major in Applied Statistics. In addition to being a senior editor for the Aggie Transcript, she is also an undergraduate researcher for the Nord lab studying the neurogenomics of psychiatric disorders. She plans to pursue a Ph.D., and contribute towards a cure for type-1 diabetes, while also helping bridge the gender gap in STEM fields. In the rare moments she has spare time, Aditi loves to attend events all across the city of Davis, meet new people, and nap.

            Daniel Erenstein

            Senior Editor

            Daniel is in his fourth year at UC Davis, pursuing a Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior degree along with a minor in Professional Writing. As an editor for the journal, he hopes to communicate scientific findings in exciting ways while staying true to the original research. Daniel also values the importance of reaching young, aspiring scientists from under-represented communities. In his free time, Daniel loves to connect with friends and to soak up all the experiences that Davis has to offer.

                Roxanna Pignolet

                Senior Editor

                Roxanna is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major and Professional Writing Minor going into her last year at UC Davis. Aside from being a senior editor and treasurer for The Aggie Transcript, she is also an undergraduate researcher in the lab of Dr. Patrick Shih where she is utilizing synthetic biology approaches to learn about plant secondary metabolism. She enjoys singing, baking, and reading when she finds a quiet moment.

                    Timur Katsnelson

                    Senior Editor

                    Timur is a senior majoring in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. After graduating, Timur plans to apply to law school. He is also the goalie for the UC Davis Ice Hockey team and in a band with his friend.

                        Mari Hoffman

                        Senior Editor

                        Mari is a third year Genetics and Genomics major with a minor in Computational Biology. When she is not with The Aggie Transcript you can find her outdoors either climbing or skiing.

                            Neha Madugala

                            Senior Editor

                            Neha is a second-year Cognitive Science major. She hopes to pursue a career in neuroscience, specifically on learning more about and helping people with neurodegenerative disorders. Other than the Aggie Transcript, Neha enjoys photography, trying new foods, and is a reporter for the Science Division at the Cycle News Hour.

                                Reshma Kolala

                                Senior Editor

                                Reshma is a second-year Biochemistry major. She is interested in medicine and hopes to become a dermatologist or pursue research. Outside of the Aggie Transcript, Reshma loves cooking, hiking, and is always looking for good book recommendations!

                                    Nicholas Garaffo

                                    Junior Editor

                                    Nick is a fourth year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major focused on cellular communication pathways. He currently works in the Marsh-Armstrong lab, and as a Board Member of the Bioinnovations Group. He joined the Aggie Transcript to increase public awareness of current research, and help bridge this gap. Outside of science, Nick enjoys reading and biking.

                                        Vish Prathikanti

                                        Junior Editor

                                        Vish Prathikanti is a first year Political Science major at UC Davis. Originally coming from a more journalism-oriented background, Vish is enthusiastic about breaking into scientific writing and getting involved in research. While his hopes for the future are still developing, he wishes to remain in academia and pursue a higher degree after his four years are over. Outside of the Aggie Transcript, Vish enjoys reading, biking, and watching movies.

                                            Jessie Lau

                                            Junior Editor

                                            Jessie is a third year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. Outside of The Aggie Transcript, she works as a research assistant for the Hunter Lab studying homologous recombination in response to atrazine exposure as well as Bers/Bossuyt Lab focusing on protein kinase of healthy and failing hearts. She hopes to become a physician-scientist and pursue a career in serving underprivileged communities. Jessie loves trying new food, sipping coffee in bed with a good book and going on long walks with her dog.

                                                Vita Quintanilla

                                                Junior Editor

                                                Vita Quintanilla is a Genetics major, writer, artist, and musician at UC Davis. She works in writing on matters of bioethics and policy, especially regarding psychotic disorders. She also plays jazz, paints, and loves to spend time outdoors.


                                                    Web Developer / Graphic Designer

                                                    Brooke is a second year Computer Science and Design double major. She isn't sure what she wants to do after graduating, but always looks for new experiences to help figure it out. Outside of school, Brooke likes to read, listen to music, and take care of her plants.

                                                        Sean Burgess

                                                        Founding Professor

                                                        Sean Burgess is a Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis. She has been teaching MCB 164 (Advanced Genetics) and MCB 121 (Advanced Molecular Biology) for over 14 years. When not in the classroom you will find Professor Burgess in her lab where she oversees research on chromosome dynamics and organization in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and zebrafish Danio rerio. When not in lab she is typically enjoying time with her family or drinking coffee. You can visit her lab page for more information.

                                                          Former Editors