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The Aggie Transcript holds one application cycle per quarter.

Currently, we’re recruiting Graphic Designers, Print Designers, and a Web Developer.

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Responsibilities of an editor

How to Apply

To apply, please email us the needed documents at

Graphic Designer Position & Print Designer Position

  1. an anonymized (does not contain your name) resume
  2. an anonymized cover letter
  3. A design sample if you have one
    1. Alternative: If you do not have any previous experience in graphic design or do not have any samples, please complete the following alternative assignment: Look through our latest print edition (Unprecedented: The Science of COVID-19) and write a short reflection on the following points:
      1. What do you think the design team did well?
      2. What do you think the design team could improve for our next edition?
      3. If you were on the team, what would you like to change?
  • Looking for:
    • Students interested in design and visual communication
    • No prior experience required
    • Major in design is not required
  • Requirements and Responsibilities
    • Creating custom graphics for pieces submitted to the AT
    • Designing the annual print edition
    • Help plan AT initiatives and participate in their execution
    • Must be able to attend weekly graphics meetings
    • Average time commitment for first year: 2-3 hours per week
      • Note: Print Designers may have a different time commitment depending on the quarter

Web Developer Position

  1. an anonymized (does not contain your name) resume
  2. an anonymized cover letter
  3. Web design/development examples, design portfolio, relevant classwork, etc.
  • Looking for skills in:
    • WordPress
    • HTML/CSS
    • Problem solving
  • Requirements and Responsibilities
    • Website and content management
    • Publish papers weekly
    • Quarterly team updates
    • Occasional bug fixes & redesigns
Email us

FAQ’s about Applying

Why do you want anonymized documents?

The Aggie Transcript anonymizes all applications and submissions before reviewing them, to help reduce any bias that may be present. Every year we receive several applications, each of which takes immense time to thoroughly anonymize. Please help us speed up our application review process by submitting anonymized documents.

I’m interested in multiple positions, can I apply for both?

Yes! Please indicate in your email all the positions that you are interested in applying in. Also, please let us know if you would prefer one over the other.

 What does “priority consideration” mean?

Priority consideration means that your application will be considered in the application cycle for that quarter. After that date, applications will be held until the next quarter’s application cycle and considered as a part of that batch. Exceptions to this may be made on a case per case basis, however, this is a rare occurrence.

Does my writing sample have to be scientific?

No! The Aggie Transcript has received applications with a wide range of writing samples in the past. Some general advice for your application is to focus on the quality and style of your writing as opposed to the subject. If you would like examples of what is considered an excellent writing sample, feel free to check out any of our print editions!