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  • Newly released advancements and discoveries, using the primary literature when possible.
  • From 500 to 750 words.


  • Cite multiple primary sources to represent all sides of a cohesive biological story.

Undergraduate Research

  • For students publishing their own work, we need to receive an email from a faculty sponsor stating it is okay for students to publish on work they did in their lab.


  • Attach high-resolution image file, video file, or video link.
  • Include dimensions and medium, if applicable.
  • Provide a short caption fit for publication.
  • Ensure proper copyright and/or intellectual property ownership.

Editorial Timeline

Submissions will be peer-reviewed on a biweekly basis. Please see the editorial timeline below.

Submission Received
  • The submission reviewer will be in contact with the author throughout the process
  • Editors will review submissions via Google Doc
Submission Reviewed
  • Submissions will be reviewed within 1 week
  • Comments will be made via Google Doc and on an editorial feedback form
  • Author is given 1 week for revisions
Final Decision
  • If the revisions are approved, the submission will be published online

Specific Instructions:

  • Please include an author's note at the beginning of your paper.
    Why did you write this piece and for whom? Walk us through why you chose this topic specifically, and end with what you want your readers to take away from your piece. As the author, you can shape it however you want!

  • Email your submission to

  • Please include the category and your name in the subject line. (e.g. NEWS: Name)