Ode to Complementation

//Ode to Complementation

Ode to Complementation

2017-05-14T00:49:10-07:00 July 14th, 2014|Arts|

By Angelica Degnan, Genetics ’15

Oh complementation testing whatever do you do?
How does thee help me explain the mutants true?
Begin with two recessive strains
Cross, observe, unearth
the ones that are the same

What does this mean?
How do you explain the ones that function redundantly through?

Complementation, complementation alas I see the light
That alleles that are mutants a like, when united, cannot avoid their destined plight
But mutants in two different genes stand a fighting chance
They work independently, and can lend a helping hand
If one should fail, be lost forevermore another can step in a lead expression forth
Complementation testing, you are a godsend for sure
I can now see the wonders that you produce in scores!

This poem appears in the video “Complementation Test” by Angelica Degnan and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major Ngoc Pham.