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By Emily Donnelly, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, ’21

Macro image of a brightly colored flower in the Arboretum of UC Davis main campus

This photograph is unique for many reasons including the fact that it was taken here on the UC Davis campus in a flower garden by the Environmental Horticulture buildings. This was originally taken for a photography class here at Davis: SAS 40, which focuses on bridging science and art and emphasizes the balance of chaos and order seen in nature. This particular flower captured my attention because even though it is asymmetric, to the human eye it looks perfect. The intense reds and full body of the flower reflect the natural beauty that often goes unappreciated in nature. While photographing, I framed the image in such a way that the center position of the flower draws you into it. A full blossoming flower such as this often symbolizes growth and prosperity which is something that so many students and people alike strive for. So although this is just an image of a flower, it has deeper symbolic meanings depending on the viewer.

This image was taken April 12, 2018 here at UC Davis.

The camera used is a Canon 60D with an 18-200mm lens.