Cover Art Guidelines for The Aggie Transcript’s 2020-2021 Print Edition

//Cover Art Guidelines for The Aggie Transcript’s 2020-2021 Print Edition

Cover Art Guidelines for The Aggie Transcript’s 2020-2021 Print Edition

2021-04-06T20:08:04-07:00 March 26th, 2021|News|

Thank you for submitting to The Aggie Transcript! The Editorial Board is excited to view your submission. All received submissions, pending board review, will be featured on our website and our social media. The winning art submission will be featured as the cover of our 2020-2021 print edition journal!

Here are a few guidelines on how to prepare and submit your art:



The cover dimensions are 8.5’’ x 11.’’ Your design does not need to fill the entire space, but it will be finally printed on a cover of this size, so please keep this in mind when designing your submission.



The Aggie Transcript is only accepting digital art for the 2020-2021 cover. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • graphic designs
  • vector drawings
  • digital/tablet drawings
  • digital renderings
  • photography

If any non-original sources are used (e.g. vector images, photographs, etc.), they must have a Creative Commons license. Here’s how you can check if your image has a CC license:

  • Go to Google Images.
  • Click Tools → Usage Rights → Creative Commons licenses.
  • Search for your topic (e.g. brain anatomy).
  • The resulting images are free to download and reuse, and you can select any of them to include in your work.

Alternatively, you can use Wikimedia, Pixabay, and other free stock image sites to find images. Please see below for additional resources. 

The cover art must be connected to science on the SARS-CoV-2 virus or COVID-19 pandemic in some way. We encourage you to be as creative as you’d like and interpret this however you see fit, but please note the following:

We are NOT looking for designs that solely feature renderings of the SARS-CoV-2 virus particle. Submissions like the following two examples will most likely not be selected as the winning cover submission. Your design can certainly include renderings of the virus particle, but it should not be the prominent image or feature of your design unless you have some unique take on it (digital collage, etc.)



Style Suggestions:

The 2020-2021 print edition will be using the following color palette. It is not required that you follow this color palette, but we suggest that you choose colors in your design that will complement our color palette (or use these exact colors):



For your convenience, we have provided 2 templates that contain our logo and masthead. If you’d like, you can use these templates while designing your submission, so you can get an idea of how your design will look on the cover should it be selected. 

dark background.png

light background.png



When you are ready to submit, please upload your design sample WITHOUT the cover template provided to this Google form. Again, we should receive only your art, without the logo and masthead pasted on it. Please upload your design in the highest quality you are able to, and be sure to write an author’s note describing your submission. The deadline for submission is April 27th, at 12:00 p.m. PST (noon).


Additional Resources:


For more details on submitting writing, photography, and art (COVID or non-COVID-related), please visit our submissions page.