About Us Edited

Mission Statement:

The Aggie Transcript is a forum for students to discuss and exchange their perspectives on science and its role in society. We provide a publishing venue for students to display their expertise and to share what they have learned in their classes. Our journal represents an inclusive and accessible form of expression for students to submit pieces of original writing, news, and art related to the life sciences.

How can you benefit from submitting to our journal?

Students will receive feedback from our editorial board to prepare their articles for publication. This review process ensures that the articles published here are the best they can be.
This writing gives students a chance to strengthen their written communication, share their work, and reach out to a broader audience in our UC Davis community.

Once your work has been published in our journal, you can list your publication(s) on your resume to impress future employers!

Editorial Boards through the Years

Editorial Board 2017-2018

   (Left to Right-  Sara, Anna, Rachel, Tannavee, Daniel, Bardia, Madison, Cathy, Dr. Burgess)

Editorial Board 2016-2017

   (Left to Right-   Back: Carly, Bukre, Chantele,  Madison,  Bardia, Nick, Dr. Burgess.  Front: Lo, Lauren, Wren, Nicole, Rachel


Editorial Board 2015-2016

(Left to right: Dr. Burgess, Nicole, Hong, Lo, Carly)


Editorial Board 2014-2015

(Left to right: Hong, Shadeh, Marisa, Briga, Nicole, David. Not pictured: Natalie)